Tried: Mystery Shopping

Stamp TriedAs a Stay-At Home Mom, I have been looking for ways to earn extra money.  I have been seeing advertisements to become Mystery Shopper but at same time seeing scam alerts from the same industry.

Researching further, I have stumbled upon some websites that doesn’t seem shady because they don’t ask for any payments to become a member of their mystery shoppers. So I tried…..

A couple of months being a member, not too many shops come close to my category (age or gender-wise).  I even sent an email to the company asking for shop job within my age limit.  Until this last 2 weeks…

So came a shop-job (or just “shop”) to evaluate a certain brand of smartphone to a certain carrier.  I was still doubting the legitimacy of the job (or the payment) but I tried….  And what do you know… there really is an industry of non-scamming Mystery Shopping.  I shopped, I answered the questionnaire, I got paid!

It’s not that big for an income, but at least earning a few bucks on spare (spare) time is not bad at all.

And fun too!Image

Clip Art from Windows


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