Bike Obsessed: Gel Seats

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OK.   For the people who have read my previous posts: and  will know that I have just started to experience the joys of riding a bike.

Well the part that I just also learned about is that not all bike seats are made equal or COMFORTABLE!

In the first day that I tried to learn the art of riding a bike, I also learned that it was a “pain in the butt” — literally!

So, I shopped for a new gel seat cover…

I found one at Walmart for $16.95

Image  which was great.  I was able to test ride it around a few minutes then it started to rain 😦

The next day, I went to Aldi and lo and behold saw this bike gel seat cover and is ONLY $6.99!  One piece left!



I was a bit skeptical for the quality because of it’s price. But needless to say being a frugal MOM, I have to try it!.  To my surprise, the cheaper gel seat is much more comfortable and better cushy for my tushy.

Definitely will be making a return to Walmart!.  Aldi as always, surprise me.  🙂

#NewComfort #NewGelSeats


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