Spring Pork Loin in Cream of Mushroom



As usual, dinner in our house is (almost) always unplanned.  So I looked in our fridge and see what ingredients I can use to experiment and here is what I came up with.

Ingredients:       1.5 lbs pork loin cut into 1″ strips

2 tbsp soy sauce or fish sauce

5 oz green onion, chopped

1 medium red bell pepper, strips

8 oz mushroom, sliced

1 small onion, chopped

1 tsp garlic, chopped

1 tbsp virgin olive oil

1 can cream of mushroom + one can water

Salt and pepper

Procedure:         In a medium bowl, marinate the pork loin in soy sauce or fish sauce then keep in the fridge for an hour. In a large pan, heat oil then saute garlic until slightly brown, add onion next until caramelized, set aside.  In the same pan, brown the pork, then add back the garlic and onion. Add a little water until pork is tender, simmer.  Next add the rest of the ingredients ( mushroom, bell pepper, green onion, cream of mushroom and 1 can water).  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Simmer for about 5-10 minutes. Do not overcook the vegetables.  Done!

Image  If you’re going to be brave enough to test this recipe, please return for a comment, suggestion and/or kind criticism.  Also, this is my first time to write a recipe – I am also open for any suggestion about that.


Have the BEST Day!



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